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lirik lagu lil bodyfat – chicken wing


yun head, obama~

[verse 1: lil bodyfat]
just had s~x on p~rnhub
i’ll go eat at a taco bell
b~tch said h~llo but she ain’t adele
i cannot read or count to 12
i’m drake bell, i play guitar
blow up planes, allah akbar
i’m 13, i can’t drive a car
my dad died in a g~y bar
oh sh~t, got a small d~ck
always riding sh~t, hit a l!ck, k!ll the spics
put his body in a ditch then i f~ck his kids
i’m a pickle like i’m rick
i watch [?] with the kids

[verse 2: lil nesley]
you be sipping slurpies
smack your head, i’m derpy
on the come up with hadouken
my grandma has herpes
solo lol, with that trickshot
sniper like i’m itch c~ck
pull out that 30 now they running with they flip~flops
with my clique, grab a tissue
fin’ hit you with that spin~jitsu
tiktok girls finna’ hit or miss you
now that kid has massive issue
do a backflip on a nun
no~scope on a r~t~rd
inside the church where i’m ripping a fart like where is my green card
[verse 3: lil phlegm]
chicken wing, chicken wing
can’t read, i’m dyslexic
[?] anorexic
turkey tom’s unepic

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