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lirik lagu rah bklu – opp shit


we just gon pop out the cut, spin through that block
hop out on some opp sh~t
slatteryk, i catch slattery in broad day, i’ma flock sh~t
we really the top, there ain’t no other n~ggas you can call up to top this
n~gga eazy a rock, call up the makks to slide through the sev just for lou woo, like d~mn

said we on some opp sh~t
call rah rah to flock, he gon’ pop sh~t
if i catch lil fay, new opp spliff
like, most of my opps don’t tote sticks
rip jamez, don’t get this sh~t twisted
and i still got love for the guys
free pop, free dot, free wock
spin through the sev, with the g in my sock
if i catch matt t~~z, he get put in a rock



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