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lirik lagu saccharine trust – estuary


noisy wide~eyed kids
raced around a christmas tree
and skiis packed
on a roof of cars
over impatient drivers
repetition prolongs the strength of allusion
and arched pro forms
becoming frail and silent
and to the appearance
of a lone ocean bird
skimming over the choppy waters
earily eyeing after anchovies
and occasionally glancing
at the people who had come to me at the beach
on a winter’s solstace
i watch this bird in flight
using the wind
against the wind
the bird hovered motionlessly
and admittedly adjusting
both his body and wings
self possessed
caught the current of a strong wind
herding in a long half~circle
slowly at first
and then picking up speed
as a straightened upon
the invisible co~rs~
the solitary bird flew
far from my sight
yet within an image
had reshaped into an
empowered vision
disturbing event surroundings
resembling great
between two rocks
i picked up an empty sh~ll
of a brown and cree cory
that had probably been washed ashore
from some earlier storm
i listen to the not~so~far memories of you
through the sh~ll and also tasted
semi~sweet berries
remembered from childhood