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lirik lagu kuraxkura – gold digger in space


[verse 1]
cutie the bomb, met her at a beauty salon
with a baby louis vuitton under her underarm
she said: “i can tell you rock, i can tell by your charm
far as girls, you got a flock
i can tell by your charm and your arm”
but i’m lookin’ for the one, have you seen her?
my psychic told me she’ll have a ~~~ like serena
trina, jennifer lopez, four kids
and i gotta take all they bad ~~~~~ to showbiz?
okay, get your kids, but then they got their friends
i pulled up in the benz, they all got up in
we all went to din’ and then i had to pay
if you ~~~~~~ with this girl, then you better bе paid
you know why? it take too much to touch her
from what i heard shе got a baby by busta
my best friend said she used to ~~~~ with usher
i don’t care what none of y’all say, i still love her

[verse 2]
on the line of the charts
i’ma fedex my love and have you sign for my heart
for my number 1 i keep ya dumb fly
fresh to death you like after death
i resurrected my gold jesus of nazareth
now we fresh as a prince while they jazzy jeff
and you don’t be sayin ~~~~ when they askin questions
a~a~and you be givin’ me my sp~ce a~a~and
you don’t be runnin’ on mysp~ce a~a~and
you know some other ~~~~ i hate w~w~what
w~w~when they violate b~but
tonight man i ain’t in the mood for it