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lirik lagu rich g – icon


said it before i’m cream of the crop
and i’m not gonna stop till i get to the top
you can’t handle the drop
went from sleeping in cots to buying up plots

stomach was empty had holes in my socks
crazy family, just ask the doc
was always different so new angles unlocked
you a square i’m cubed so i ran the block

ain’t talking stage gimmicks when i say i get props
dalmatian drug dogs the way i had spots
moved birds till i got more fly than a flock
never lie on the track only lie to the cops

clean up house like i came with a mop
my sk!lls high value so they often sought
i won’t be forgot you’re an afterthought
chasing after thots chasing after guap

motivation and intelligence was ‘bout all i got
chilled in the parking lot till i had a lot
glimpses of my life i jot, you a flop
easy to mock, logic sounder than that of spock

i moved work on and off the clock
committed crimes but never caught
bottle service on speed dial how i call the shots
you’re all talk i’m an artist, i could try some chalk
did ecstasy i was rollin but it was laced with rock
15 nerdy looking not a jock
forcibly open doors without a knock
stunting on ‘em now they can’t help but gawk

give ops fake smiles like a croc
i’m peerless like i can’t be docked
rizz immaculate, pull even when acting awk
i ran sh~t when you could barely walk

got followers swear some even stalk
got you invested like we holding stocks
you shortsighted i connect the dots
laughingstock, don’t get it twisted like you can’t knot

get off my c~ck, rewards taken never brought
learned the hard way some things can’t be bought
can’t be cut slack if you wanna be taught
two types those who have and who have not

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