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lirik lagu redemption draweth nigh - touch not mine anointed


[verse 1]
i am a burning fire
hot to touch and bright
so, warning to the wise
do not touch this light

a prophet sent forth with a holy word
i have answers hid deep within my tongue
so, don’t prohibit me and don’t stand in my way
if you lay a hand, you’ll be burned away

[verse 2]
they encamp about me
you think you’re hidden well
i see you there behind
a translucent veil

do not touch me
do not touch me
if you touch me you’ll get burned
back away now
back away now
into the shadows
i know where you live
in the darkness, in the darkness
so stay there, in the shadows
this light is more than you know
so the hour you’ve dreadеd
for all of your life is finally upon you
and your worst nightmares are standing
at your door
nеver fear for he’s near and if you know him
you know he will save you
if you don’t know him
then, i don’t have what you’re looking for

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