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lirik lagu icie - off the cuff


i sent the beat to favour coz i know man will murder it
… if you ain’t heard of him
travel round … circling
… with my words i’m on a verbal ting
rembrandt, da vinci, salvador dali
is art skin deep, are those tats on my body
i don’t write bars, me i write monologues
my iphone hosts a whole catalogue
man i’m still a man on a mission
ain’t where i wanna be but still committed to the vision
scarred by ambition but fell in love with destiny
said when you find god that’s when you’ll get the best of me
wow wise words what a woman
imagine if god came down to earth as a human
would he rock a snapback or …
if he said that even stephen’s k!llеrs could be forgiven
(you know that’s actually a hard one to swallow)
dying for your hatеrs that’s a hard act to follow
coz me i could die for my fam or my lady
but never for a …
are you deluded are you mad, are you crazy
so lord i salute you, purple hearts in abundance
know that without you my heart can’t function
sun up or sun down
i will tell my son what the son done
so he can tell the next generation
yeah convos with the man dem
gave me help concerning the gal dem
they told me be myself, you ain’t perfect but you’re someone
mark my words one day you’ll make a great husband
now i’m picking out different colours for the reception
her name ain’t diana … perfection
note to self, only show the world what they need to see
the rest is yours cherish it, keep it under lock and key
before i leave pay homage to the art form
lyrics over beats yeah welcome to a new dawn
the artform~dot~com where we take apart similes
~n~lyze metaphors, discuss delivery
if you gonna do it big then please do it major
independent flow no need for a major
who would of thought that little baby in a manger
would grow to be someone i would call saviour
listen i’m a christian but it’s different for each person
some are born into the faith and some had a conversion
some man speak in tongues and had baptism by immersion
me i ain’t the neither but listen this is my version
of the story of a teen who turned to god
coz he thought too deep especially after seeing the murder of
another boy his age, it was insane, them boy went murderous
like we’re on a hype i guess that’s why he let the burner off
and there were no murmurs of regret, there must be more to life
i thought of the boys mother how she must be mortified
started searching for myself and made myself much more defined
started rolling with my cousins, started feeling more alive
(k.i.d.) drama was his name … i respected
he was on my wave so when he spoke it was effective
we were from the ends with ambitions so we connected
showed me bout some rappers who saw life from my perspective
he showed me truth but most of them i just rejected
i was 16 and didn’t mean to disrespect it
but the gospel rap thing to me was just ain’t effective
they spoke the truth but really i weren’t feeling none of them
well maybe one of them
his name was icie, spitting on the stage
unashamed telling the world that he was saved
i was like wait, i’ma do the same
i’ma take the world in shock, i’m gonna explain
that i’m on another wave
i ain’t just cruddy cuzzy now you can call me fav
the favour of the lord is in my life i ain’t the same
i’m no longer a slave
i ain’t bounded by shackles and i ain’t got on no chains
in another lane when i hit the stage i’ma rep
they call me insane coz i ain’t the same as the rest
till i’m in the grave i’ll be unashamed, i’ma threat
coz i’m spitting rays straight out the cage till the death of me
definitely, what’s wrong?
isn’t this what you’d expect of me
the way i’m spitting is kinda different
and it’s putting your stereotypes in jeopardy
you thought i’d be someone who quite frankly i could never be
talking about the p’s how i’ll be chasing it indefinitely
or brag about the … of the girls who slept with me
i do apologize if you cannot connect with me
i guess we’re just on different echelons and levels g
but on a level g, i’m nothing special g
i just follow the path of those that were ahead of me
tryumf, jahaziel, blessed
yes there’s many of em
ice i’ve learned from what you said to me
so for the inspiration i shake your hand brother
what you’ve done for me is amazing, help raise a man brother
and for your information i am still a fan brother
till i’m in the grave i’m gonna wave the flag brother

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