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lirik lagu red velvet – ’cause it’s you (english translation)


hirari petals are dancing softly at the feet
i want to pick up one by one

every day i cried and did not love jokes
all the moments important memories

’cause baby it’s you … i want to see you again … … somewhere in the future
i miss baby absolutely today.

if time p-sses, if you forget
i will gently tie it off with a ribbon

it’s like shoulder stuff like this (together)
woo surely will give you certainty

’cause baby it’s you … any difficulty you … can go beyond
i think that its presence is baby big ale

because goodbye is surely the spell of the day we meet again
do not cry please do not cry now i want you to laugh now is now ah

you … i want to see you again (i want to see you) you … somewhere in the future (oh yeah)
any day (any day) baby absolutely for today (fu-fu) i think