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lirik lagu superior james – violence


i take a dose to the head
cuz it be feelin real light
real right
strong enough
make a kick sound right
do it for boys n girls
in my city at night
question my moves
(never question my might)
or my grit
or my juice
n my lips never lose
real talk
never lose
but ima loser
had a girl
but i didn’t think that i could lose her
p-ssing through life
and my preference a cruiser
loser down in his paradise for a couple nights
couldn’t get a hold of me
if you tryin all night
in my own world
kinda sounds complex
debating if the (pootie tang)
really up next
goin through trials and mishaps
6 times a day
6 beats a day that’s more than ye
and all i really hear is (i could of or i would of)
and if you really bout it
you really shoulda put up
word to sj

[one for the head
2 for the fight
3 for the girls we thinkin of late night
4 for the thoughts
5 for the bread
6 for the violence i think of in my head]

12:49 sh-t that’s what i’m on

know you thinkin bout she when you hear
this song

thinkin bout times you ain’t goin get back

thinkin bout words that u really regret

40 to your lips n your brain buzzed out

you only got the aux cause your man flopped out

txt ol shorty and she sayin that you actin rude

but she unaware that u chopped n screwed

tired eyes closed
then you double up
thinkin of the c cup
brown hair
double dare
skin clear
firm cake
tight waiste
booty shake
to only yg
and if you hit
you feel like the only og
what a time

but then u find

that it’s 12:51

and you still goin play this jawn
thinkin back bout her way through this song
i know

[mo city ricky]
they ain’t really know what i’m talkin
stuntin on the boy till i go down
little polite tang on my surround sound
hands up 5’0 but b-tch better drop down
made man in the ville ohh i’m hot now
drop a tape get the comp all to calm down
side hussle you ain’t even in my head now
sit n sleep put the boys all to bed now
everything i do for the real real
homies always faded off the k!ll k!ll
don’t smoke but i know how the feel feel
once sydney do drop then the money will

[20 in the gas tank
goin 80 on the freeway
cause i don’t wanna see god
i just want sydney
i just want real things
i just want to see her
we just wanna meet you
we just wanna meet you
promise they goin love you
promise they goin love you]