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lirik lagu rafael garibaldi – shadow lurking


[verse 1]
a blood~red moon, a crimson sky
a scream echoes, a lifeless cry
a blade in hand, a heart filled with hate
a lifeless body, a twisted fate
a shadow lurking, a k!ller on the prowl
a desperate plea, a victim’s howl
a sinister laugh, a twisted grin
a life taken, a world of sin

a web of lies
a game of deceit
a soulless act
a fatal defeat

[verse 2]
a heart of stone, a twisted mind
a life ended, a world left behind
a haunting memory, a dark secret
a life snuffed out, a world in regret
a blade of steel, a cold embrace
a final breath, a life erased

a web of lies (a web of lies)
a game of deceit
a soulless act (a soulless act)
a fatal defeat

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