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lirik lagu r.j. roze – texas homosexuals pt. 2


the cowboys are cumming
the cowboys are cumming
the cowboys are cumming
the cowboys are cumming
welcome to texas
you can’t abort no f~ckin babies here

[verse 1]
i went to at&t stadium and jacked off to dak prescott
then i got kicked out the stadium
then i went down to houston
then i jacked off to davis mills
and he threw four pick~six interceptions
and the texans lost the game
and so then i slapped my d~ck across his face
cuz i was so f~cking mad
that my favorite team lost their game

[verse 2]
got kicked out of nrg for the 47th time this week
so thеn i went to the horse stablеs
cuz i knew there’d be a lot of hot cowboys there
then i went in and said “yee~haw!”
“will you ride me like you ride your horsies?”
i asked to the fattest motherf~cker in the room
and then he pulled down my cowboy pants
and said “yee~haw! put your yee~haw inside me!”
cowboy s~x in texas, yee~haw!
it’s the greatest motherf~ckin thing alive
he rode me like a horse all f~ckin night
even the sheriff joined in at three in the morning for a threesome!
[verse 3]
at around seven o’ clock the next morning
after about four dozen packs of beer
and a bunch of .44’s being shot in the air
and the bullets rained down as the cowboy said
“i’m bout to cum, oh sh~t, yeah!”

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