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lirik lagu propain - saturday night freestyle


(chamberlain, he’s coming) yeah
born to lose, raised to win
man, the difference between me and lotta these n~ggas is
i just ain’t gon’ f~ckin’ quit ’til i get where i’m tryna go
real talk
oh, look

on some death before dishonor talk
if i eat, the whole family eat, that sh~t just common law
my dog used to want a quarter pounder to make his summer soft
now this n~gga thinkin’ a quarter million for the summer off
progression (yeah), if i’m there, you know some funds involved
couple real n~ggas, a bunch of summer walks, yeah
sh~t, it’s mob and these b’s up under all
we don’t do no drama dog, you play, n~gga, them guns is drawn
ol’ jersey with the gucci sneaks (gucci sneaks)
kease in saint laurent and sip rockin’ the louis v’s (ayy)
pockets full, versace, ella coat, i look like jubilee (uh)
i made it out the trenches, you only see this sh~t in movie scenes (mane)
last year, they thought he’s losin’ steam (yeah)
feelin’ like i’m dmx, they don’t know who we be
now i hit that club up, that jewelry bling, i wink once, i got ’em wet as scuba steve
paid in full vibes, they think we movin’ kis, ha (mm)
but we ain’t movin’ kis
it’s real estate, some airbnb’s, we really movin’ keys (facts)
bought a clinic, gettin’ a cruise is cheap (facts)
i made the crib standin’ all of this money like it’s just you and me (mm)
man, i’m tryna use it all (yeah)
i probably die before i lose to y’all
i drop the top, make the roof dissolve, it’s pro’, the one who made your b~tch lose your drawers
i went from broke to a k!ller out the trunk, i rake a roof for all
go sh~t, now these young n~ggas call me houston’s nas
a hundred thousand stashed if i fall, if i improve my walls (yeah)
gettin’ paid a beautiful thing when old crew involved
a wise man told me, “a greedy eater gon’ be soon to starve” (d~mn)
never had to put on no act, sh~t, i just used my flaws
money ties my struggle, i get paid to put my truth in bars
n~ggas signin’ these slave deals talkin’ ’bout you a boss
you don’t even own your own name, now go recoup your loss (haha)
lame ain’t the move, i ain’t ashamed to ‘mit it (nah)
you n~ggas victims of some major pimpin’ (yeah)
i hope you savin’ pennies, your big homie bought your ass a chain and now you think you winnin’
you owe him five albums, dead man, that’s your grave you diggin’ (d~mn)
the pastor say it’s time to change my vision
don’t get corrupted by the fame and women (mm), plus i get paid for sinnin’
listen, i pray that god forgive me but i’m chasin’ millions
ain’t tryna trade the bucks for the saints, i ain’t jameis winston
d~mn, but i got great intentions
i pay that i don’t get so far gone that i can’t repent it
my daughter watched her daddy leave, that’s a tainted image
another broken home, a cycle i just can’t prevent it
me and her mama tried it all, but couldn’t change our feelin’s
but still i struggle seein’ her family pictures and my ass ain’t it
i drop her off and we don’t talk, this life a strange transition
how people go from ride or die to they some strangers with it
that same love that bring you close is what create division, hm
but my n~ggas, we gotta switch the direction
your baby mama birth your child and that’s your biggest blessin’
regardless of y’all status, even if you not together
if you don’t do nothin’ else, you gotta respect her
’cause most of our mamas was a baby mama
me and my brother used to get on n~ggas ass when they play with mama
so i couldn’t imagine a day that my daugh—

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