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lirik lagu don luta - january 18th


you’re done with school
you’re done with school
what do you wanna be when you grow up?
what do you wanna be when you grow up?

senior year wrapped up
just finished school
grateful for a second chance
eleventh grade really threw hands
but in the end
ten toes on the ground
is how i stand
feet? planted
feelin’ ? grounded
as i move away from tryna get validation
and admiration
through the over~dedication
and hard work
towards my education
really surpassed
still pondering
how it put me in uneasy situations
tryna align my energy
balancing out the equation
after i was told
i would get disowned
if i chose a record deal
before graduation
but how do you argue the fact
that music
sets a young n~gga free
like salvation
ultimatums cut deep and put me
on the road to transformation
lacking it got a n~gga dying quietly
never had the conversations that i really needed
but anyway
a young n~gga gotta proceed
and succeed, gotta take lead
fight through fatigue
gotta work hard and plant seeds
let ‘em grow trees
gotta let go, learn how to breathe
need to chill back and relax
but i cannot
gradually thinking about the black tax
that i’ll have to pay after getting racks
or bagging a milly or two
maybe a few
what will i do
i’ll find out then
but right now
it’s me and these beats
me and my pen
studio set up, new lion’s den
tryna find peace
tryna find me
tryna be free
tryna forget
realign with the fact that i’m blessed
and that i’ve got next
gotta keep going
i cannot get rest
you already know that
i’ll be the best

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