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lirik lagu (prod.pis.i) – birthstone ft karma-49, linkle, 7incere


check on your friends, reply to their messages
my homie sent a link but it was 3 months, til i’d get to it
busy, nah just lazy, i ain’t happy with the sentiment
started going crazy, had this second person in my head and sh~t
telling me i’m better off dead than this
focused on myself for the summer but wasn’t helping it
i threw away the drugs cause it was hurting to be numb but that had almost changed when i had saw my homie was found dead and its
only been like 3 months, some people just forget the sh~t
you were only 18, had graduatеd effortless
passion makes a trеacherous path, just accept the sh~t
but don’t exactly move on, keep their spirit in yours
and make sure every hit you write was ready especially for the souls
you ain’t doing this for you anymore
its bigger than yourself, bigger than your health
man the f~ck up, until you start to realize, humanity’s short, ~er than life

i sit n see deceit calamity war and rewrite, these holy scriptures that these people adore to get shine
abandoned by these angels at heaven’s door denied light
dis finite life designed to bind my mind in time
i slice between the lines and splice my genes combine the blood with ink and write
you vomit on the mic i clutch my gut and upchuck what’s inside
combust my heart and pump out all the feelings stored inside my eyes
i dont have time to fight but i got time to take yo guap and ride
you got a softer side
the side im from we let da chopper cry
this range upon dis stick ignore yo power
let da glock combine
deny yo thunder x out every opp das tryna storm my guys
yes i perform with fye
cuz i was born to scorch all of my ties
i stared into the pit when i was 10 and saw the devil’s eyes so den i stood on 10 den dumped out 10
we buried 30 lies
my potnas lurk at night yo pockets urging me to hurt you might just black out then reverse my thoughts and live my life out hollowfied
ima’ spit a revolution as huey, my mind newton it’s forcing in one unit’
they sundering your illusions, dreamscape paintings of these landscapes’ visualize
you liberals live a lie, till something is liberalized
feel bad for the adolescence, the vision causing depression’
so i’m speaking to the youth, all my prayers giving out lectures
set examples, a couple n~ggas canceled back in the day’s
opinion’s criticized wide spreading the outrage’ i hate but i love still
n~gga’s not above will, vagabond gotta fix my wrongs cause i want bills
lincoln’s in my dreams as it seems feeling not real’ how many black lives stay alive from them cop k!lls?
always felt beet (beat) at the roots of my labor through birth and through heaven thanking mama she my savior
43:11 i’m questioning isaiah’ the prophet of salvation
that rules over one nation’ a spiritual foundation will faithfully motivate me like moving a concentration
to focused on elevation, my energy vibrating with peace, power and patience
loving gratification, body missing the thrill
i was chasing a mill, cause family couldn’t chill
do whatever i’d k!ll, i’m a n~gga that’s real’ came from outta the vile
kinda know how it feels, when evil just try to steal’ that’s satan giving a deal

i had to drop some n~ggas for
differences in our work ethic
we had our goals in mind
but not a single goal aligned
and every single soul at the time
was kin to wastin time
now i see that sh~t from a distance
cause ain’t no wastin mine
my ancestors hatred
it boil inside these bones of mine
kryptonians be saiyan
that viltrumites how my soul arrived
to earth
moment at my birth
b~tch i knew worth
i comprehended that with time, work, & patience
i’ll be the first
to stop my family curse
do it, no hesitation
the sh~t im referring to is the trauma from generations
the black sheep of course
im way more than a standout
independent, rockin these pendants
don’t need a handout
these n~ggas treat these artists like jesus
but yall get panned out
for being stupid
n~gga get yo priorities straight
i know it’s hard to focus but this a minorities fate
cause the majorities, suck~umb to the authorities
detrimental to youth
and that’s why them n~ggas is morally fake
they tend to think for others, more than for themselves and it shows
the internet is they home
but they want cry about the sh~t that they don’t got going on
where all the likes that ive grown?
where all my followers goin?
what these celebrities doin?
why do i feel so alone?
why don’t i got hoes?
my social sk!lls aren’t honed
why do i freeze up in public~
but my texting is gold?
n~gga i fought for this phone
why does it feel like i~
cause n~gga thats the life that you chose
you wanna sit up on yo ass & cosplay as a troll
but you don’t wanna touch no grass and let the world heal ya soul
n~ggas in denial, but i swear the truth will unfold
open chapters inside yo life & let the story be told
its hit or miss but you gone be miss cause yo sh~t not gettin sold
cause yall dont wasted so much time its like you gave up ya soul
i hate when yall cry and regret n~gga ts getting old
i found some like minded n~ggas
with very similar work ethic
we got our goals in mind
and every single goal aligned
and every single soul i come by
not kin to wastin time
we do this life sh~t together
cause we been refined

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