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lirik lagu turban rocket – no stimmy


b~tch i slide and i punch ain’t talkin dance move
b~tch caught me cheating thru her a band she said i’m so rude
i’m bussin plays of a telegram don’t sell no dawg food
teejay gone be da punchmade runner (get lexi dawg food)
new amiri jeans they too small squeezin tight as h~ll
ion give a f~ck if i get caught imma pay da bail
yo n~gga a bot i up the strap he look pale as h~ll
you and yo homie a rat call u chip and dale
ion wanna leave the house unless we go to boa
matter fact don’t wan leave da house if it ain’t a bank play
b~tch whisper in my ear big turban i wanna stay stay
b~tch the uber outside waiting this ain’t no play date
had hoes way b4 es rap sh~t just like k suave
i was 12 years old off the pills popped like 10 bars
sound like i got a speech impediment i’m a wockstar
h~ll naw u can’t sip out this cup you a lost broad
plus i heard u ain’t shot yo strap since yo homie died
dev want me take this sh~t serious i’m tryin not to slide
ima boss should start dressing like the mob in a suit and tie
b~tch said u unfaithful as h~ll she ain’t tell a lie
i shot da drake so fast my hands look like i’m rope climbing
that fake ass chain si’s he got broke diamonds
label try sign the whole punch told them don’t sign it
i jus f~cked a opp b~tch face now her throat whining
yes b~tch i be in the suburbs but the hood still in me
this b~tch jus a groupie hoe tryna suck my jimmy
she wanna f~ck w turban can grant ha wish like timmy
i done been rich for a minute ain’t need no stimmy

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