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lirik lagu prince predator – twentysomethin’


i think i f~cked up

by the skin of my t~~th i made it out of the week
now to go feast for hours as we scour the streets
devouring liters of power makes for easier encounters as we
reach for the flower while indulging our demons

logic and meaning abandoned as we advance through the evening
chances are that i am leaning, maybe slanting my speaking
just tryna find me a queen that understands my very being
but time is starting to flee and i feel awareness decreasing
looking back it was terrible, methods embarrassing, twisted
how could i find my counterpart when the spirits had lifted me
past the max of the parabola and down the latter half as i
crash through the axis and find that a certain blackness has

settled around my conscious obscuring all of my actions
from knowledge as i look back to uncover just what had happened
how did i get on this mattress and who is this chick in glasses
she cute or whatever but dammit i can’t remember her handle

i scan my phone for a sample of evidence, an example
but it seems the apple was reticent to tattle on the damsel
roaches scatter across the mantle as a glint of alien light
from my handheld device seems to cut precise thru the night

or is it top of the morning, i can’t call it, no lie
just know i’m slowly unraveling losing track of my life
despite all of my struggles them critters just had me buggin’
i summoned the will to function and dip out of the dungeon

i search for an uber, nothing, no lyft either, the f~ck
guess i gotta walk without any idea what towards
absorbed all of a sudden by the need to fill up my gut
as i strut across a waffle house, and enter i must

came through in the clutch, a 24~hour god you can trust
“all star special” and bless with cheese the eggs and the toast
i’m doing the most, it’s natural, lest we ever forget
that was only friday and tonight i’m gon’ do it all over again