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lirik lagu portland – alyson


[verse 1]
alyson, so easy to please
lighting up the morning sun
no tear too hard to ease
there’s a new idea of fun
and it starts with just a tease
it’s all because of alyson

[verse 2]
so alyson, i think i realized
this ain’t just for fun
you’re crying in disguise
what have we become
something so denied
pretty baby alyson
[verse 3]
so alyson, what happened to those eyes
aiming like a loading gun
to time to compromise
aiming towards everyone
no talks no lullabies
what happened to you, alyson

she makes you wanna die
a sad song for everyone
by alyson

[verse 4]
so alyson, stay as long as you can
i can’t compete everyone
and i’m not the weatherman
but i will know when it’s done
the rain will dust into the sand
so light it up alyson