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lirik lagu fellatia g – red room


f~ll~tia g:
i only loved him
coz he let me cut him
i become a part of his self destruction
this is something disgusting
i’m a succubus
and i’ve sunken in
making you suffer
i’m a snuff sm~t lover
an insufferable sl~t
sucking you up
draining your blood
numbing your brain
making it rain cum
yelling red rum
live in the red room
my impending doom
it’ll all end soonish
b~tches is wishing
for invitations
to visit my mansion
dungeon bas~m~nt
for desecrated
this ain’t a twitch stream
i’ll make a b~tch scream
there’s no tos
no ip address
i’m so atrocious
i am gross b~tch
don’t forget to tip
me in crypto
monetize my suicide
i’m going live on your wifi
to die tonight
capitalism is so abysmal

4chan doxxed me
like i’m boxxy
i want to off me
and drink epoxy
jessie slaughter taught me
no one will ever care
just a sl~t on the interwebs
another dead internet kid
clone me by my fingerprint
i am a degenerate
upload my will to the interwebs
algorithms won’t matter when i’m dead

f~ll~tia g:
now we talking
that’s my kind of toxic
hypnotic erotic psychotic
asphyxiation decapitation
i’m your enabler
you come back later
this ain’t a safe sp~ce
there’s no saving grace
this ain’t a deep fake
it’s real, get one take
i can not escape
my contradictions
that i cease to exist within
spit maledictions
over rhythms
internet vixen
l!ckin my lipstick
when i nip slip
in my ripped
i’m a sick wicked girl
in a sick sordid world
my shadow wanders
sowing discord and disorder
you make me wanna squander
everything i got
smash me like that condom were an otter box
boy i would f~ck your rotting corpse
that i stored under the floorboards
forgotten and abhorred
i’m rotten to the core
a naughty little wh0re
on your tor browser
monetize my suicide
i’m going live on your wifi
to die tonight
capitalism is so abysmal

my mind decayed when i was young
poggers in the chat when i am hung
i am tired of my mental programming
the internet is pretty f~cking d~mning
face to subscriptions
pro~ana inspirations
psychiatric prescriptions
forget your aspirations