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lirik lagu ​​plumbhead & squea – ​​we call them “sinkers”


[verse: prod.ilomilo & kreative kid]
those bubbles, tell me about ’em
the sinkers are the ones that when you move the wand up
it drops ones that have the bubble solution in them already
so they sink fast (sink fast)
so we call them sinkers
and when they hit you, they drop the s—
the little tiny bubble solution on you
the solution isn’t the solution
it’s the f—, what, it’s the—, it’s the position of the poison
of the venom of the (it’s the—), denim!
[bridge: prod.ilomilo & kreative kid]
the bubbles, they’re—
there’s the soft bubbles that go, le~le~yeah
the soft bubbles go, le~le~yeah
no, no
our song is a slammin’ screen noor
(no, it’s not) sneakin’ out late, tappin’ on your window
when we’re on the phone (what about a f—)
and you talk real slow (what about a bubble b~tt?)
(it’s a two bubble) ’cause it’s late and your mama don’t know
our song is the way you laugh
the first date, man, i didn’t kiss her, and i should have
and when i got home (le~le~yeah), ‘fore i said, “amen”
(no) askin’ god if he could play it again (le~le~yeah)

[outro: kreative kid]
not now