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lirik lagu tyfontaine – being broke


lyrics from snippet

pull up, i walk boy, i float on that b-tch
flip, flip, flip, flip
being broke on me, it’s the last year
blue, blue, blue, blue
i said f-ck that b-tch, f-ck that b-tch and then i f-ck that p-ssy (f-ck that)
i do what i want, isn’t that clear? (let’s get it, let’s get it, let’s get it, let’s go)
step on the scene, the drip you ain’t never seen, so fresh it’s so clean
carry like a flu and i hop in this b-tch like i just popped me a bean
show her a different world she’s never seen before
got ’em all up in here, girl whatchu screamin’ for?