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lirik lagu ovo balla – the kings is back!


(elias beatz)
hey ladies, drop it down (grrah)
just wanna see you touch the ground
don’t be shy, girl, go bananza
shake ya’ body like a belly dancer
grrah grrah halo gz dead he got (grrah)

[verse 1: ovo balla]
spin the block let off shots i just did 15 years
now another opp died (zay blitz!) i´m not surprised
jayripk got hit yeah he died (ahhh)
see a opp that n~gga get popped
talking on notti you must wanna die
i´m the crippy demon i beat sneaky blu´s ass
n~gga jay got beat n~gga did (bad)

[verse 2: ceenextdoor]
ayo gang why these keep dissing
on my brother they all shot
that´s word 2 my mother i be
spinning to tact 280k see jay
send shot´s to his face
had ra floxks picking up the pace
see nesty we yelling out go
pick up rah rah
dayday got hit in his mata
got a 40 cal it´s
not a stoppa (gang gang)
[verse 3: ovo balla]
new opp got lеft on sidewalk
that could never bе
f~ck those lil boys that got left in
deli and the v (rah rah and ja)
nazzy bussin he up in a spliff
rippy dead up in a ditch
c~hii got lined by a b~tch
he ovok then got left in a spliff

it´s that ovo balla n~gga man
cee f~cking nextdoor
new opp got left on sidewalk

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