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lirik lagu original cast of hope despair musical – flunkin’ thrice



it’s chill bruh
you simply have yet to receive your enlightenment
i remember when it came to me
i was having a very important conversation with my mother
and it hit me

i said
“no mom.. i can’t be an accident…”
“because there are no accidents!”

it’s all connected bruh
we’re all links in one big chain
and we made up things like science
to appease our monkey brains

but i can see it
we’re much more than a roll of dicе
and i’d like to help you see it too
for a reasonablе price

and it’s not just g~g~ghosts that are r~really real
it’s bigfoot and it’s aliens and oh they like to steal
namely my hamburgers
so open up your mind to what you thought you always new
washington, napoleon and dengas saw it too
from los angeles to sydney

hey do you really need both your kidneys?

see where i’m coming from
flunking thrice don’t mean your dumb

have you ever felt like there are people listening to everything you say and do?
heft up isn’t it?

here is my wisdom due
just a bit between us guys
if there’s one thing that i’ve learned its that you can’t believe your eyes
they’re out to get us
yeah they’re watching from afar
and i’ll gladly fight them just as soon as i find out who they are

is it really strange to keep an open mind?
yes leave yourself perceptive
there’s no telling what you’ll find!
maybe my freaking hamburgers!
so open up that door and see what’s on the other side
a pit of questions yet unanswered
fifty jumiles wide
there is always room for doubt here
i need the money man, help a guy out here!

all of that to sum
flunking thrice don’t mean you’re dumb

what is nyoming?
does the place even exist?
and the real mccartney
died in nineteen sixty six

birds cannot be trusted
they are drones made to track
if the moon is conquered
why’d we never make it back?

and in two thousand and eleven there was a massive boom and traffic related to the cryogenic freezing of walt disney’s head
and just as it was taking off the disney corporation announced frozen! perhaps even to distract google search algorithms from getting too close to the truth
where’re you hiding mickey? this is real mad seriously go look it up people look it up!

uh~ thanks dude
i know that people think
i’m just some uncle on his crack
i know i’m not the bravest
and i’m slouching in my back
but my mind will keep exploring
with all the answers wouldn’t life be boring?
you see where i’m coming from

flunkin’ thrice don’t mean you’re
though i’m four years your senoir
flunkin’ thrice don’t mean you’re dumb!

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