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lirik lagu the newfangled four – the bare necessities parody


[verse 1]
so, so many things have changed
since last we took the stage
a global panorama (guys, guys, that’s not it at all)
a global panda express (we just ate! love that orange chicken though)
a global pandemonium
the crisis of our age
and then we lost our baritone
no, he left, he didn’t die
we’ll never be the same
so why should we try?

[spoken, joey]
guys, (alright, what?)
now, that right there is what we in the newfangled four call a downward spiral
now, if you’re anything like us, and i know we are, you’ve probably had a lot of those over the last few years
well, after years of intense therapy, and weeks of intense coaching
we’ve learned that the key to scoring more points, and earning more medals in the barbershop contest, is authenticity
right, performance judges?
so, we’d like to invite you to sit back and relax, while we take you on a magical journey, through the deepest, and darkest, corners of our minds, hah~hahahaha!

[verse 2]
come see inside our minds, ra~da~dada~da~da!
these are our insecurities, our deepest insecurities
we live in constant worry and in strife
i mean our, insecurities, but we’ll show out maturity and bring our insecurities to light (all to light)
sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever win gold
‘cuz our hairlines and our comedy are, getting old
and though we’re youtube celebrities
we know we’re four years past our peak
[spoken, marcus] so why would you give this another try?
well here’s it is, you smarty~pants!
we can’t accept the truth, we’re in denial of the truth
your insecurities in life will eat at you
[verse 3, jake]
yes, i have insecurities (insecurities)
these nagging insecurities
i’m short, i’m grey at thirty, and it’s obvious where my low base notes end ~cough~
i’m bad at letting my friends hear from me (insecurities)
and so to cope i just don’t make close friends (don’t make friends)

[spoken, jake, jackson, marcus]
but you guys are my friends, right?
yeah, of course, blake
blake, what?
no, no, no, yeah, it’s, yeah, you’re good jason
i make no friends (he makes no friends)

[verse 4, joey]
what about my insecurities?
in music i have no degrees
so they give me the part that really doesn’t matter
i want to sing the lead but trumpet boy won’t let me
i’m stuck singing high and being the good looking guy in the quartet

[spoken, joey, jackson, jake]
oh, it’s my burden to bear, i suppose. (wait, whoah,)
um, hahah, joey, we’ve~we’ve gone over this, remember, it goes jake, then it goes jake on a bad day, then it goes marcus, i got you, yeah, then it goes jake on a really bad day
oh, come on!
guilty as charged
[verse 4, jackson]
now i bet you’re thinking that was kinda mean (kinda mean)
truth is i’m so insecure that i have zero empathy
i wanna be a music bro but no matter where i go
i’m just the guy who sings funny songs (he’s just jacksohn)
so they’ll just tell me move along
my big career will never start
the music industry will only break my heart (break my heart)

[verse 5, jackson]
i have more insecurities
my body just won’t work with me
i want to lose more weight, but i just can’t (he can’t stop)
hey, stop! (won’t stop)
i’ll die alone, i think, ‘cuz no~one will ever love me
it’s so hard to see the good in life

[spoken, jake, jackson, marcus]
are we, are we supposed to go on?
jackson, are you, are you okay?
just do the dance, do the dance (okay, okay)
no, no, no, no, guys, guys, guys, guys

[verse 6, marcus]
you guys are scared of this
well, so am i (so am i)
i may be a phoney (you’ll never be ryan, you’re a big, fat, phoney)
[spoken] guys, knock it off, knock it off!
but i’ll still try (he’ll try, he’ll try, he’ll try)
and though i may not be that great
a passable jack of all trades
i managed to help us get here
[spoken] and i’m the best marcus on stage this year!
[spoken] guys, right guys?
[verse 7]
well, there’s only one of you
that’s not important, though it’s true
your insecurities don’t have to define you
step back and you will find
it’s all inside your mind, ra~da~dada~da~da!
ba, ra~da~dada~da~da! (whee!)

[verse 8]
we all have insecurities
our ugliest impurities, but
here’s what makes us feel alright
we know that, it’s a surety, we all have insecurities
like, da
we’ll never sing our tags as loud as first take, aah!
and, da
we’ll never get as many shows as midtown, not yet!
and, da
we’ll never be as s~xy as lemon squeezy, i mean, look at ’em
and, da
it’s the phone with a~peal! dangit! (what the?)

we brought our insecurities to light!
all to light!

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