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lirik lagu aero gros m – two story houses


open up the somersault, up in the dabke thing
the keyboards are rusted, encrusted with gold and diamond rings
all of the common salt starts commanding
make up everything you saw today, don’t hurt a king
ostritch face in the grass, all the sand was blown off
putting up platforms for stills to show off
traintracks falling, the pages torn up
from fronts of ill fingers to wretched grown ups
wrinkly granny unknowing full plums
bang on timpani radumpam pum pum
wake up the rowdy and make them come come
the scum on the walls is alleged, undone

come for unfun and paint it yellow
they make synthesizers that sound like cellos
putting up chalk whеre you stomp on sh~lls, low
and then thе f~cks sell it for the profit below
nonbinary capitalist
tick off all that cr~p on your list
and push away carts from the ravaging trips
make sure my name’s not common on lip
not a good job when i paint a scene
from glowing skin and methamphetamine
marooned assf~ck with chained knees
claws at my torso to say please
rich boy tore all the houses down
cause he’s scared to walk through the neighborhood
two stories and mine’s below
house cats with them sabertooths
turn my childhood home into a two story mansion
and then put a f~cking starbucks where the family resteraunt was while you’re at it
f~ck you

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