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lirik lagu ​nick6383 - put you on


dirty pop princess
like what is happening
buy you a wedding ring
i’ll buy you anything
i’ll take you backstage
i’m on the front page
scream my rap name
i won’t ever stay up late
sing me a lullaby
love it when you cry
be my corpse bride
on a scary night
and i don’t play nice
bad dog
that boy tried to run up
tried to pack us
but he really can’t
glock inside my pants
do my zombie dance
ion like you
but i know you like me
they cannot do it like me
dirty pop skinny jeans
i got in this club for free
i’m at the circus with my freaks
don’t take pictures i’m camera shy
she wanna be with me, bе mine
i don’t love you bih, i love thеse f~cking racks
married to the money, i really love that
i love that for you, i’m a f~cking star bih
you’re an angel, i’ll crash my brand new car
i don’t eat, i just wanna geek
pull up on me yea we put you right to sleep
i’m not okay with it anymore
i just wanted to put on a costume and go trick or treat
lil bih smell my f~cking feet
she not very good for me
i cut her off bich i cut her off
i really put that on
i really put you on
like you a mini me
you really mean nothing to me

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