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lirik lagu the present age - clumsy ascetic


[verse 1]
did you bump your head, you clumsy ascetic?
look to your left
i’m sliding in and out of time
gospels and spells unsightly and reprimanding
look to the west
they’re trying to nullify the light

[verse 2]
it’s been a thrill unlikely demanding
dream of a hill
i renounce after bathroom sink
focused will on what they want
this cat’s a shill
hey man, i’m trying for a true release

[chorus 1]
what do you want anyway?

reactiontime slowed
vignette increased
it stayed in bed for sixteen hours
what was one way has become another
a pot of coffee might do the trick
claims of spiritual possession
greenery lush dozes at wheel
thе same record looped
whitе noise machine helps
it’s a new shock
cool it with the loud noises
oppressively stimulate shelves
the font is deafening
speakers blare hyperaudio feelings canned as legumes
smell of people succumbing to heat wave
an old disgust with new urgency
symptoms and pains various
[chorus 2]
what do you want anyway?
what do you want anyway?
what do you want anyway?

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