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lirik lagu neptune frost – mbere y’intambara (before the war)


nun: chana… chana, is that you?

neptune: no, sister. chana was my mother’s name

nun: my child, where did you come from? i had a friend named chana. she was very close to me. she had a baby just before the war. a little boy. but we were separated before i had the chance to meet him

your mother the same way, before the war
she stayed inside some days, before the war
remember when she froze before the door
just like you froze out in the garden
and she was my best friend, before the war
she always knew what we were destined for
she always questioned what made hearts harden
something invisible, hardly predictable
yearning to be my pleasure, your pleasure!
and if there’s an ounce of forgiveness in me
i’ll make it rain songs that their children will sing
all that i know is real
in the end, i will heal from what happened before the war



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