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lirik lagu danny zonedout – i n t r u d e r


~smoking sounds~


come around
i’m comin’ up from the underground
no backin down, i’m hittin you wit the raw sound
you ain’ ready now, i’m operating to take you down
duplicating now
manipulating the rap sound
they all foul, cos i’m let loose
in the dog pound
i revolve around
mf who think
that they all clout
finna break out
an show this pr~ck what its all about
i proove these rappers that (?)
falling out, yeah
i never change what i’m gonna say
old set of bullsh~t for a new day
im all real, you rappers fake like a toupe
you should see your faces
it’s turnin red like some kool aid
the world shakes when my songs play
no fan base but i came from a long way
you gettin’ tirеd i could do this sh~t all day
i tuck my flows, like a psycho wit a saw blade
it’s very scary i rarеly open a dictionary
these rhymes are blaring
imbedded in my vocabulary
hereditary, these other rappers unnecessary
they never scary, i’m always ready, ill be preparing
rappers be weary
i’m coming up in a sanctuary
you’ll all be scary
i’m takin over an won’t be caring
i won’t be sharing, it’s all mine
an im over bearing
viewer discretion is a vary hehe
take over the f~ckin’ world with this album
you hear me?



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