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lirik lagu homixide fatt – easy money


huh?, huh?, easy money, we get easy money
huh? huh? what? huh? what? huh?

i seen you talking sh~t, blitz him up, i’m suited up (huh?)
step inside the club, shoot it up, you know we don’t give no f~ck (what?, huh?, b~tch)
you know we don’t give a f~ck, sn~tch his chain, my youngins take your bling (huh?)
yellow b~tch on easy money, we get easy money (huh?)

it’s slime and n~ggas been easy, honey
get on your knees it’s easy, honey (huh?)
i stay with [?], i been a flunky
they up a five, you n~ggas ain’t know (whatchu say? huh?)
back to school, i’ll kick your door
slime through the hood, i’ll wipe your gucci
spin your block, my n~ggas [?]
take you down l, i bet you [?]
my mama know her son [?]
i had a glock in here and sh~t got ugly
you play with me, you gon’ miss your mother (what?)
got mia with me, she a rider
i got that nine in here, what’s the problem?
swish the block, my n~ggas curry
spin again, this sh~t get urgent (what?)
run you down like i’m in a hurry
d~ck range, bye bye birdy
facetime, my glock got skyped
grim reaper, through the night (huh?)
y’all n~ggas been hoes for real, i been stepping on sh~t, at your mama, f~ck boy?
huh? huh? huh? huh? what? b~tch, b~tch, huh?
huh? whatchu say? huh? huh? whatchu say? huh?