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lirik lagu lord trippy – solange f s


matti boom make it kick like solange
tell my plug i can only smoke up like a zip at a time
one time if the d~ck 2 bomb
and 1 time for my man baby mom

way she use her head she the young and the brainless
way i use my time thumbing through faces
loud pack know you wish you could taste it
no other lips on my blunt because f~ckboy contagious

getting high in the bas~m~nt
young lord
close to god on some mase sh~t

jumped off the porch
somersault on the pavement
not long ago
but for me feel like ages
you gotta go
you not talking bout payment

hold up
solange dropkick

grams in a wood and a rocket in my pocket
you a d~ckhead if you thinking you can stop this
watch me take off from the way that i pop sh~t
stop sh~t i know they wanna cop sh~t
not sh~t
thats all i have on the topic

hey mom i’m rappity rapping
actually i’m snapping snapping

b~tch in the bed that’s why i got a dutch and a rack in the bathroom
bas~m~nt the gang you tell that from the tattoo
this not a purse i call it a satchel
gassing up your head yeah that’s what the cap do
it’s lord trip if i spit it it’s facts too
you writing sh~t that’s unsourced and not factual
so when you want a verse yeah imma get back to you

matti f~cking booming make that sh~t kick like solange