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lirik lagu the gold 7 king – 7k ultra


i don’t know where i’m going
high speed and my blood stops flowing
face the death in that moment
already see myself in a coffin
when the lights stops flashing
life passing thru my mind like a lightning
so i guess this is my ending
spread my wings it ain’t no better feeling

heat on my veins
syringe shots full of heroine
feel like i’m invincible with adrenaline
the moon is rising
nothing can stop me
going wild for the night like i am starving
cold~hearted i threw it on the garbage
bagged up in a package
suddenly i turned into a savage
i’m just getting started
that’s why i’m not being modest
if you want me to be brutally honest
poison that smells like lotion
flow inside like motion of the ocean
camera’s flash, sparking big commotion
unchained, if you see me step with caution
no matter the price if it’s for the rise
even if i’m not worthy of paradise
in the splendor of the night i like to shine
i maintain it with the pass of a line
hollywood up in fire
the land of the glam and desire
never sleeps, all the lights never tired
if you’re lucky you might be admired
addiction to the guap got no rehab
sticks like honey but in reality is a trap
they track every step just to stab in back
in the snap of a finger there’s no more claps
they’ll talk tryna send the shots
dog barks but it never bites
i can’t hear them at this height ‘cos i’m on the top
if their darts get in here then i’m gonna pop
one h~ll of a scene
this sh~t can’t be unseen
pull down the guillotine
like it’s louis xvi
this a whole drama
everyone watch us
lead by the ceremony master
some meant to be just one hit wonders
if you hit harder then you could conquer

here i come, the king of kings
as i walk all of these people on their knees
though they cry, since i’m gone
they’ll never know because my show must go on