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lirik lagu local resident failure – (still) kickin’ on


where will they be 30 years from now?
playing at some stadium, or just in adamstown

will mongo still be drunk, and do they practise only every 6 months?

over the hill and wiseheimer’s their name
geriatric punk rock is their game
will there ever be an album number 3?
and will they ever play the song ‘spider monkey’?

will jake still be rich, and chunk still a cop
will vince have his pants down, and heath have a job?

will mongo still be drunk, and do they play only every 6 months


sitting in a wheelchair, staring into blank air
losing all their hair but does anybody care?
walking round on a frame, or crawling on their hands
eating mash potato, whilst sh~tting in their pants

i’ll still be watching them when i turn 64
they’ll wave the cover charge and get my name put on the door