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lirik lagu levels (usa) – bloodstream


half drunk, but half better than i was before
all alone in the living room
with empty bottles scattered all over the floor
i can′t sleep, i can’t drift away to another dream
one day i′ll face the fact
that i’ll never be the man that you wanted of me

where did i go wrong, i swore i wouldn’t end up all alone
another drink, another memory
another flashback of the man i used to be
i′m scared to death
through this body i am coping with my loneliness (my loneliness)

even in my own bed
i never felt so far from home
knowing there was something
i′m at a loss for peace when i’m alone

no comfort, but my body is still
no shelter, no chance for me to feel
maybe soon i′ll see what’s left for me
empty bottles running through my bloodstream, will this ever change?

i try my best, to hold it in
will i ever, feel like myself again?

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