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lirik lagu lea delaria – broadway baby


i’m just a broadway baby
walking off my tired feet
pounding forty~second street
to be in a show, oh

broadway baby
learning how to sing and dance
waiting for that one big chance
to be in a show, oh

i’d like to be
on some marquee
all twinkling lights
a spark
to pierce the dark
from battery park
to washington heights!

someday, maybe
all my dreams will be repaid
h~ll, i’d even play the maid
to be in a show

say, mr. producer
i’m talking to you, sir
i don’t need a lot
only what i got
plus a tube of greasepaint and a follow~spot!
broadway baby
slaving at the five~and~ten
dreaming of the great day when
i’ll be in a show, oh

broadway baby
making rounds all afternoon
eating at a greasy spoon
to save on my dough

my tiny flat
therе’s just my cat
a bed and a chair
i’ll stick it till
i’m on a bill
all over times squarе!

someday, maybe
if i stick it long enough
i will get to strut my stuff
working for a nice man
like a ziegfeld or a weismann
in a great big
broadway show!

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