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lirik lagu britti – silly boy


[verse 1]
take my kindness for weakness
ah, but i would win the fight
silly boy, you are oblivious
i’m serious, i’m on fire
been refused, are you amused?
using me in your childish ways
silly boy, i ain’t no toy
i’m no p~wn in your game

[verse 2]
gave you so many chances
you think there is no end
there’s only so many dances
only so many records to spin
gone away, i can’t say
if you’ll ever see me again
silly boy, soon my voice
will be gone like the wind

silly boy
you thought you’d have me forever
and that i’d never ever leave your side
it’s so hard to say this
and it don’t come easy
but i can’t let my
my true feelings hide
[verse 3]
deep inside, there is a light
and i can’t let it burn out today
silly boy, i have no choice
but to walk away
silly boy, it brings no joy
but i’m gone to stay

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