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lirik lagu killow – 6 w/kg (feat. giuliano di pinarello)


i cried for a week after we split up
and uploaded it to strava as a medium exercise
the first few days i could barely sleep
kinda ruined my heart rate variability

you left a voicemail on my phone
while i drove through zone 2 all alone
i wish i could have picked up
cause there’s one thing you should know
you got promoted
new job ceo
i now push six watts per kilo
your new boy suits you better
cause his moon is in leo
but does he push six watts per kilo?
i’m glad you’re feeling happier since
you’re on your own now
bet you don’t hold a
single kom in your hometown
you’re on vacation
drinking shots in rio
i’m stuck on intervals icu


i don’t need therapy
three weeks in northern italy
will do
heartache could not be me
my bike brings me more happiness
than you
if i was twenty three
i still could join a world tour team
it’s true!
now i’m too old ~ at least
i can still beat jan ullrich
on ventoux