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lirik lagu curtis jones – tin pan alley


tin pan alley is a dirty place
the very place my baby loved to stay
lord, tin pan alley blues is k!lling me
and it’s the woman down there that i really want to see

she’s little and cute, she’s young and wild
i just want to hold her in my arms a little while
so that these tin pan alley blues can let me be
’cause life would be so sweet, baby if you only would agree

you see i love you, for yourself
you’re just the type of woman that don’t seem to care
lord, and tin pan alley, baby, must be your home
when it ain’t nothin’ down there, honey but blood and bones
yes, play it until 1972

tin pan alley is way across town
why did people kick the dog when the sun go down?
hurry up baby, and please make up in your mind (yes, yes)
’cause a woman like you, is so don’ hard to find