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lirik lagu kelsey – that is the reason


with the way i feel
i can tell you aren’t here
with the way you steal
it has been a darker year
when you can’t be true to yourself
or to your friends around you
i have the receipts on a bookshelf
you explain the lies and say that they are true
you helped me see that you aren’t good
that is the reason
i ran for good
in the worst season
i was forced to try something new
it helped me believe
i was a nеw screw
i had the rifle in hand
it was so nеw
it was the band
that got me through
flags singing in the wind
rifles crashing down
they were so peaceful to be around
with black rifles with the greatest sound
like the honey to bears, this is my treat
you have shown me how to explore different things
i have the money in hand
but you lost all of yours
you are stuck in the place i left you
because you don’t care enough to leave

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