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lirik lagu iggykad – look back


askin how was school, sayin i’ve seen better days, yup
that was my childhood, and i think it’s gonna stay this way
i’m only ever confusin people with what i say
i’m only makin it harder for myself to relate

[verse 1]
that place ain’t nothing like h~ll, it’s more like purgatory
cus i know there’s greater things that’ll all be waiting for me
but that’s another story, you can’t compare it to torture when it’s just kinda boring
then recently it started turnin
cycle of negative learnin, sometimes the rage is burnin
the age of five was churnin
so please check your upbringing before you judge what she says
she’s gettin made fun of for bein worried bout my future
so i’m sorry mum, but on this road i need to take a u~turn
cus inside me, this act of “i’m helpin you learn!” is gettin annoyin
it’s not just annoyin, so i might turn to tyron when it’s yummy
i grew up learning if you screw up its just second chance
but 9th grade taught me i probably never wanna visit france
intelligent but outside view seen as dummy
but in actuality they ain’t got nothin “bad” to say to me

it’s only my view, tellin me you’re this and you’re that
i know me best, i know what’s good for me, but “i’m just naïve”
i’m gettin older so that stuff ain’t no threat, cus you don’t listen to me
i’m like a slightly younger version of me, cus i don’t believe in
what you have to say about my life as if it’s yours
them condescendin attitudes when havin meetings on the phone
mum grew up alone, sorry you don’t get that sh~t, it isn’t fair
never knew the middle class cus the landlord was scary as
yeah, i don’t really believe in zodiac signs that much, but the fact that it’s been 4 years, and he still wants 800 for rent… really just says something
for that tiny house
we’re just survivin
we’re livin
we are living!

[verse 2]
men can’t start to understand how much a mother loves her child (what the h~ll?)
like how much energy you get back when you see your toddler smile
in that difficult situation, i didn’t have many toys to play with
so little iggy said forget it, i just want some conversation (ooo~kayyy)
5 years old, never berated, compliments on what i was sayin
oh, “he’s so grown up, he’ll be what he wants, i guarantee it” (hahaha! uh huh?)
but age still plays a part in how mature you think you are
so i just shut my mouth, and recently, it’s gettin pretty hard to keep it closed (yeah i can f~ckin tell!)
feelin so morosed cus im outspoken
ambiverted, extroverted by introverts shy with extroverts (maybe you’re just a f~ckin p~ssy!)
mum said “take your time with eatin”, i said i don’t need extra words
michael, i really think you’ll live without the money, yeah, for what it’s worth
(oh my fu~ okay, okay, yeah)

so like, so you say all of this
and you just think it’s appropriate like
did you even think about, like
people in your actual life?
this is real to them, it’s not just a song

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