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lirik lagu kanyai feat. zeuz – cancelled


i just lost a billi hmm
i just lost a milli milli
cancel culture call me antisemitic

culture vultures all the corporates in the city
on god

crucify me untie me
and praise me when i die

kanye west my slave name
when i broke free i turned ye
looking like an auction at a slave trade
now it′s looking like we in shackles by the brand names
f~ck adidas the gap and balenciaga
tryna steal and capitalize off the yeezy products
chopping beats they rather see a n~gga picking cotton
in a institution getting drugged on oxycontin

new rollie it’s ap we can talk about the jewels
but not drop jewels bout the jews
black people are the true hebrews
now they even hanging whipping kyrie irving too
white wash then they black ball
either way
donda sports number one in basketball
either way
anna wintour popping at my casting call
either way
fashion icon yeezy on the runway
either way
i turn a model into kim kay with some fashion nova
lil s~x tape and she rose to fame
they saying yeezy is a natzi
i just thank there some thangs they cannot see
the new hitlers are the leon cohens
white execs music industry controlled
no free speech for the black folks
i made the culture tell me how can i get canceled

how can i get canceled?
kyrie irving lost his nike deal
because a post from my twitter handle
media going instigate a scandal
breaking off my nike shackles
in my yeezy slides
they like jesus sandles
i′m just tryna broadcast sunny days to people
like i’m on the weather channel
that boy yeezy said white lives matter
i know they make up headlines likeforecast
if you want to go with nonprescriptions
and no script on live tv that’s your ass

just don′t get canceled
don′t get canceled
your show is canceled, no tickets
your date is canceled, no b~tches
flight is cancelled
your album canceled blacklisted

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