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lirik lagu flipzmson – uppit street sessions vol. 5


flipz in the building

i grew up fast and i grew up hard
i put my life into these bars
staring at the ceiling, wishing to the stars
getting to the money, never been a victim
reminisce times, weighing in the kitchen
contemplate times, if i had listen but…
what they know about sleeping on floors, borrowing clothes and staying 10 toes
about leaving the city ‘cause they locked up your brother tried to take you wit’ him
i trust my brother but he knows what he knows, and i ain’t going with him
those stupid decisions made him a victim
tried to give him game but he wouldn’t listen
loose lips may sink ships but talk and you’ll get clipped
i lay low and take trips, come back and i make flipz
the name, i done earned this
they hating that i’m earnest
hating, i’m that earner
front seat drinking, midnight server
f~ck the foes, they all fakes
middle finger up ‘til my arm aches
bad b~tch made me her fiancé
barely 10:30 and we half baked
pit bulls asking where my dogs stay
get f~cked, i won’t say where he stay
get out my face i won’t say his name
give me the money, i ain’t in it for the fame
i do what i want, you do what you can
you wish for it while i work for it
i wasn’t in class, i was bagging up sticks
so it’s 10k on the neckless
couple bands on the left wrist
they can’t match this with practise
spit flames like matchstick with the city on my back, b~tch
told me i stink like the streets but she’s addicted to the perfume
will i get out of the heat? i think that’s easy to presume
am i addicted to beef? or just don’t let p~ssies talk too
much about me and the team, name a person i’ve lost to?
they cannot compete so i don’t lose
half their b~tches, we ran through
send shots or send a message
back up quick, they learned a lesson
i handle my business, i tick all the boxes
they can’t handle realness, they weighing up options
like what the f~ck you gon’ do now?
what you gon’ do? in a fast lane and i mark my pace
you gonna be 2nd because i’m first place
first to the top but it wasn’t a race
i sit back and say my thanks
i sit back and say my thanks
i sit back and say…
everything is fact, i don’t do fables
off the johnny walker, blue label
been working just to put it on the table
magic with the flow, chemically unstable
don’t f~ck with me ‘cause it could be fatal
said don’t f~ck with me ‘cause it could be fatal
don’t f~ck with me ‘cause it could be fatal



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