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lirik lagu julian avilés - milk and honey


[acapella intro]
you are, without a doubt
the most beautiful person
you are bright, you light the time
that’s too much to bear

i waited there on my own
and i didn’t know you
sick of fantasy, sick of mind steal
sick of daydreams, i want you for real

[instrumental intro]
(ooh!, yeah!)

[verse 1]
when i close my eyes, i see you inside
and your pretty eyes, the feelings that i hide

[chorus 1]
oh, i want someone i can be with
until the end of time (c’mon!)
i want to share my life with her
that i’m hers and that she’s mine
[post~chorus 1]
oh, please someone, somewhere, meet me someday
i want to feel love in a different kind of way
(yeah!, let’s go!)

[verse 2]
i saw her with her friend after mine had ended
i felt so free from it, but i saw you and then

[chorus 2]
i began to sweat, i hid my face
‘cuz i’d never seen before, (woo!)
something so warm and powerful
someone i could adore
[post~chorus 2}
inside and out in every good, and great kind of way

(yeah!, yeah!)

{spoken word interlude}
200 miles away, my feelings started to turn
something so brand new, something so heavy
and yet so comforting (yeah!)

[bridge 1]
when you laugh, and you smile, and you’re a swimming crocodile
there’s nothing in this world to keep me away
from the purity of being with you
how you’re so strong, you can deal with anything that comes your way
[chorus 3]
(woo!) how you’re so smart, and your art
are gifts that could never go away
and you know i’ll be by your side every single day

[interlude 2]
last year, i remember writing this song
picturing someone who could fit along the first lines
and i thought if it ever came true
i knew that it would only be temporary

[chorus 4]
now i know what i’ve been looking for came true
and i know that it’s for real
and forever, i love you

i love you, i love you, i love you
love you, i love you, i love you
like never before, yeah!

(i love you, i love you, i love you!)
(i’ll be with you forever, please)
(and we still feel the same way!)
(grow old with me, grow old with me)
(and it’s a miracle, milk and honey!)
(one so strong the other so sweet!)
(i love you, yeah!)
(let’s go see what we have in store for our lives!)
(together, marry me, milk and honey!)
(one so strong and the other so sweet!)
(yeah, baby, baby i love you, yeah!)

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