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lirik lagu scottdell - intro


[verse: scottdell]
i done hit my pastor with a bottle of henny
i ate my girl pad and it taste like pennies
i made out with aunt and gave it a hickey
i saw my pitbull selling crack at denny’s
i slap a bedbug it had big ass titties
went to p~rn hub and beat up my weenie
a fat b~tch rubbing on my b~lls like a genie
after she done, i paid her in pennies
free my granddad, all he did was rob domino’s
me and my gang be eating b~tches b~ttholes
shootin’ at the opps and suck on they mama toes
f~ck grandma she built like a hotdog
i jumped in the pool, and i turned the water brown
it’s me and my hand, so i’m taking it to pound town
finna take my hand all the way to pound town
i’m spittin’ some heat, beating my meat
eating macaroni and cheese
nutted in my sheets, it hit my feet
n~gga i was singing skeeyee
i had to hop on the beat ’cause it’s some heat
heat that y’all finna see
i can go without the song talking about beating my meat

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