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lirik lagu joelv2 – conspiracies


[verse 1]

i’ve been writing lyrics all of this time
without a voice to go out spittin’ my lines
yet now i’m freestyling ~ stutterin’, rhymin’~
all over my crusty old mic

maybe one day i’ll spit lyrics i wrote
two years ago at most
and i’ll be famous for the rest of my life
or maybe one day~ like a witherin’ rose
i’ll forget my too~many~syllable rhymes

verse 2

and i don’t know who built the pyramids
and i don’t know who made these contraptions
and i don’t understand why…
epstein’s island isn’t a tourist attraction

and we all know joe biden
he’s a reincarnation…
and we all know who controls him
we all know it’s satan
(god bless!)

[verse 3]

the truth has been has been in front of us the whole time
and let me guess who told it
if you didn’t already know
(god did!)

and if you want to stay oblivious
i can’t control your life, fine then!
but always remember who did it
it was osama bin laden!

[verse 4]

do you know who cleans the white house
they’re an immigrant who came here weeks ago
and guess where where they’re sending their paycheck
all the way to mexico!
and i’m sorry if i came off rude
that wasn’t the message i was sending ya…
i just wish that all my chicken wasn’t imported from india!

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