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lirik lagu jimmy (formerly jimmy luna) – *destroy2create


if you want to change anything in this world
you must destroy what is in front of you to create something new

i think we should get rid of ourselves, all of the humans
think we should get real with ourselves, sh~t is concluding
this ain’t a solution we just need remove the issues
open ya eyes we in an illusion

we already know we’ll never have peace
we already know that we’re gonna blow
too many of us here, not enough love
the struggle stays real it’s always been tough
some of us live extremely different lives
on my side of town we fightin’ to survive
hardwork is overlooked who you know inside
come to the office, get yo access denied
this is america, make ya chump change
get a trade if you don’t n~gga then die then

world peace is a futile effort that’s not an opinion, that’s an objective fact at this point the only way we’ll all ever agree on something is brainwashing everyone to not have a unique perspective at all you can do things the right way or you can do what makes you happy

existentialist just startin’ to sound like realist
too many things happenin’, i don’t think i can feel sh~t
everybody different, i get it, this is the real me
if i was put on earth just to work, n~gga then k!ll me
what’s the point of being alive
f~ck a punchline, really i’ve been wantin’ to die
end my bloodline, whole family full of unfortunate ass events, i’ve been thinkin’ ’bout becomin’ a hermit up in a tent
poured a cup of bleach, sat in the bathroom thinkin’ to sip tears rolling down my eyes as i’m thinkin’ bout lil sis
tiffany caught me, snot bubbles, she shakin’ tryna prevent
argue if i’m suicidal, but i don’t think that exists
apparently it’s intent, apparently i’m a b~tch
i couldn’t even go through with it, i just needed to vent, god d~mn

i’m not promoting suicide i’m just letting you know what the f~ck is going on with me i’m not saying you should go do it, but i am saying it’s a pretty normal thing to feel and i’d understand, i wouldn’t be surprised the world is f~cked up and none of it make sense especially for the people in the ghetto

if the world doesn’t make any sense, then how am i
we are the reason we’re gonna die
all of these apps, none of em work for me
what’s the point of being on them
everybody dies, so do what you want
don’t waste another second tryin’ to fit into their front
i think we should restart it all from scratch
so until i’m gone, i’ll risk it all, to put me on the map

we spend so much of our time doing sh~t we don’t want to do for people who don’t genuinely give a f~ck about us is life really suppose to be working depressing ass jobs everyday to barely survive f~ck that, i’ma do what i want with what little time i have left on earth i’d rather go broke chasin’ dreams than be a slave and anyone suggesting anything otherwise to me, i don’t give a f~ck, cuz 10 times out of 10 you’re not doing anything i want to do so my only advice for all of you listening is this have fun like the world ends tomorrow at noon because yours might