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lirik lagu trapland pat – woo


know them b~tches go to choosin’, man, real life

you know them b~tches go to choosin’ when they know you poppin’
don’t feel like packin’, when we land, that’s when we go to shoppin’
he call my phone askin’ for prices, he don’t never cop ’em
that n~gga dead, doa, i ain’t talkin’ coffin
ayy, what’s the point of havin’ dough if you don’t never lock ’em?
they need a cleanup on the block, we gon’ have to mop ’em (duh~duh~duh)
they threw that n~gga in the cradle, then we came and rocked him
mizzle hit ’em with that switchy, i was tryna stop him
ayy, i jump out swingin’ with that stick just like i’m harry potter
i done f~cked so many hoes, i’m scared to have a daughter
they ask me how i get the scripts, i had to f~ck a doctor (f~ck a doctor)
them boys been rappin’ for some years and still ain’t make a roster (they ain’t make a roster)
gang (yeah)
pull up with that switchy thing (duh~duh~duh)
i just popped another boot, i went to glitchin’, man (glitchin’, man)
please don’t try me, too much pride, i go to trippin’, man (trippin’, man)
quick to catch a slack if you slippin’, man (duh~duh~duh)
ayy, yeah, they say we got that motion (that motion)
no, i cannot vibe without my potion
all these b~tches gettin’ f~cked, yeah, they goin’
wanna hit me, he like, “he already knowin'”
ayy, yeah, keep it on the dl (on the low)
too much baddies, too much babies on my tl (on my tl)
i’m livin’ heavenly, so i ain’t tryna see h~ll (i ain’t tryna see h~ll)
bring that sand to the beach just like a seash~ll (just like a seash~ll)
yeah, they askin’ where that body at (where that body at?)
i was catchin’ power plays where the lobby at (power plays)
dog food, i could show you where the doggy at (doggy)
that n~gga tellin’, how they know just where they saw me at? (that n~gga rat)
deerfield gettin’ grimy ’cause these n~ggas tellin’ (n~ggas tellin’)
i really roam around with smackers, all my n~ggas felons (duh~duh~duh)
them n~ggas groupies, see the racks, they askin’ what we sellin’ (what you sellin’?)
and you ain’t really plugged in if you don’t do no mailin’
she got the glock, i’m tryna see just what that hype like
yeah, hit her with that sleeper, then it’s night~night
i knocked her out, no ufc, bae, this that fight night
this just a story, how i fell into that nightlife
fell into that nightlife
ayy, he done fell into that nightlife
fell into that nightlife
done gave me facetime, i’m tryna see what skype like
ayy, fell into that nightlife
uh, fell into that nightlife
i’m tryna see just what that hype like
fell into that nightlife