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lirik lagu jayess – 7even remix feat. evangel


[verse 1: jayess]
the number’s deeper
check the demon possessed
who undressed
the 7 sons of sceva
check the scripts
when you read it
it’s slick
peep the name of yhwh
in leviticus
when 7 letters are skipped
the name of god’s pr-nounced
when the number 7 is flipped
ring bells
he yelled that at the fix
try fix your eyes
on these divine scripts
with signs dipped throughout time
cause i
think of which 7 should i pick
the bible has 7 divisions
the law, prophets and psalms
the gospels and the epistles
that’s five thus far
add paul’s epistles and revelation
7 stated as blatant
have faith
and the numerical’s deep
to dive in you need
trunks like an elephant please
his word shoots
so wrap it up
duck and swallow your beak (shh)
the hidden things and you’re blessed
he’s concealing the 7’s
we play hide and seek with his text
you cannot see in the flesh
so i need to express
you need spiritual eyes to see
and bob and weave with your neck
there’s no need to neglect
what the lord jesus has said
70 x 7
please men
forgive and forget
which simply means
keep forgiving until you’re complete
and you rest
like god did
after he made man
a being who expressed
his image
and 7 spirits
do i need to address
worthy is the lamb
to receive glory
wisdom and strength
power, riches, honor and blessings
did you clock those 7’s bredren
the word of god is a lethal weapon
you either read it in reverence
or you can peep it in seconds
with no time to skip past 7’s
like david beckham
so here’s the major lesson
it shows the text is accurate
throughout the mess 7 appears
there’s no accident happening
whilst you rappelling
with which proceeds six
note evangel has 7 letters
so he’ll complete this mix

[verse 2: evangel]
that 7’s mystic
either you dig it like a digit
that’s pr-nounced different
or you missed it
not for this mode
some think they link more
than a cowinky-d-nk
and talk of an apocalypse code
no numerical combination
six things the lord hates
but 7’s an abomination?
wait does this qualification
follow eight then
and god is hating this equation
no modification or symbolic statement
mathematic isn’t adequate
you can divide it by half
then add it with ..
the truth is inside this
heavenly wise scroll
unless the spirit of god
illuminates your heart
like a 70 watt bulb
not for those that search his word
at their convenience like a 7-11
this is hidden wisdom
to all the blind
don’t need time to find the root of 49
behind the symbolism
if we’re applying numerology in revelation
why’s there 7 spirits of god
check pneumatology
now follow me
remember the
heavenly paraclete
over the 7 seas of the creation
was singular
the answer
we have to tackle
ins’t simple
there was 7 lamps
in the tabernacle
in the temple
representing his fullness
they’re all patterns and types
for foreshadowing christ
preach from the pulpits
7 x 7
or 7 weeks of years
that would p-ss
this jubilee
needless to say
we’re relieved of our debt to pay
come to christ and get rest
he is our 7th day
don’t go out today
to put that in your calculator
you can find it
you can rest in christ
like a couch potato
so on the verse of a 7
you can worship in reverence
he’s first and we’re second
like it’s alpha beta