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lirik lagu young dro – yahhh


(lean, lean, lean, lean, lean)
(clean, clean, clean, clean, yeah)
y’know i’m clean bro, hol up
it be like this in the hood
hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, ay, dro

what you drankin’ on?
(lean, lean, lean, lean, man)
you so fresh, you so
(clean, clean, clean, clean, man)
what you know about that dab?
(dab, dab, dab, dab, dab)
switch it up, switch it up, yah!
(dab, dab, dab, dab, dab)

[verse 1]
you can’t take my dab away from me (yah!)
please come get these crabs away from me (yah!)
i’m in the booty club, that fresh, the place to be (yah!)
and this b-tch breath stank, standin’ next to me (yah!) okay
i’m so hot i need a fan next to me (yah!) okay
in the booty club, throwin’ bread, next to me


[verse 2]
okay, run up on the city, gettin’ busy (yah!)
pinkie ring cost ’bout 50 (yah!)
strong weed have a n-gg- dizzy (yah!)
old school girlfriend kissin’ (yah!)
i don’t make sense like 50 (yah!)
all my blunts in the bitty (yah!)
gettin’ rich in the trenches, gritty (yah!)
n-gg- try me, imma beat ’em like niddy (yah!)
i’m a real dope human bein’ (yah!)
all my shoes european (yah!)
go against dro, that’s a sin (yah!)
hustle gang, you will never win, (yah!) dro!


hol’ up, this is fo’ my young cats, if you doin’ that geek long time ago, you doin’ them [?]! (turn it! turn it! turn it!)
switch it up, switch it up, (yah!) (x3)
dab, oh my, dab oh my, (dab!) (x4)
i can’t see i’m way drunk (yah!) (x3)