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lirik lagu jay sene – what’s poppin'(remix)


what’s poppin’
i’m jay sene i ain’t stopping (what?)
i got options i’m a rocket built like stalin (take off)
got talent, like multi plat~plaques incoming (ching)
big banking, like covid takeover the planet (watch it)
titanic, sh~t scary just don’t panic

i’m boutta be a big dawg no need of a patek
you p~ssies psychotic this sh~t is scrimmage
ain’t like the rats n snakes i done dealt with, keep tryna copy me and mimic
took off auto tune to give you a scope, not a red dot but now your bl~~dy ass livid
thirty clip loaded be an overused hit them bars you repeating tells me you’re finished

paint a picture like adobe
import export makin’ movies
cut like scissors, on my lonely
movin’ lowkey loco for me
whippin’ flippin’ solo lucci sh~t we on a mission
grinding gas f~ck emissions, cut my grass cuz snakes is given

cut out to play like we hungry as kobe
cutthroat n i slay survivor its a series
strip down n flirt she do me on repeat
undoin’ her skirt she feel me she gucci
clip off the louis no talkie more doey’
uzi alike memento melucci
head hurt so i get neck first
propane help to ease my pain
get wet from my net worth
balmain drippin’ walk we paid
i done told my momma i gotta finish work in the booth (booth)
my intuition told me that there ain’t better than you (you)
i got brothas’ packing llamas like carry a body or 2 (2)
i had locked up all the drama to secure a bag n a coupe (coupe)
medically i’m set, jokes on you i ain’t even cappin’ on that
just like sandy i’m chemically equipped
quarantine ain’t new my foot still on the gas
livin’ like some pooz you be
snappin’ and fappin’
fatassin’ bad habits
you lacking you wack
distraction can’t fathom
i’m b~ttered with greatness, your bread on a shortage
you might need a stretcher, cuz i’m flexing my knuckles
you might wanna tussle or scramble and buckle
like your belt and your cap cuz it heavier than others
master the cadence continue with patience
my last had me ape sh~t can’t deal with no fake b~tch
howie mandell set aside n decide
like show n tell in elem’ i hold up with pride
any mans come up got another dumping out what they despise
da baby rock a flow getting birdies chirpin louder like come n’ slide
if you putting in work and been in the dirt keep your head down till you see light
my brothers all around me comprendo operandi thru it we always will f~cken grind