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lirik lagu james landino, shihori – go strike! (from omega strikers”) english version


ambitious flame, hidden in my heart
didn’t know how to grow from a single fire spark
nowhere to go, and the road was dark
couldn’t wait, ran ahead
it’s time to move and make my mark
i gave my pride, left all my regret
i just wish to be stronger, to give it all my best
what do i do to spread this burning courage?
everyday, every night
i’m stuck inside of my head
don’t wanna stay who i am today
wanna be somebody leading the way?
don’t be afraid, we gotta be brave
no matter what’s coming our way
strike it down and hype up the crowd
we can bring the energy they’ve never seen before, oh
there’s no doubt, we’re going all out
it’s time, we can shine the fighting dream inside, so
don’t back down, we have the power
i know, nothing can stop us or get in the way, ah
can’t stop now, let’s take the knockout
my friend, just believe and keep on shouting till the end
go strike!

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